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Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique (1989)

July 19, 2013

[Album 214/1001]BeastieBoysPaul'sBoutique

Boutique is misleading; it suggests small, quaint, fancy.

Paul’s Boutique is anything but.

Never has such a sample-heavy recording sounded so fresh and original.

The rhymes are relentless, philosophical debates are resolved (“I egged the chicken then I ate his leg”), and as Paul’s celebrates anniversary #24 next week, it remains beyond deserving of its oft-assigned ‘Masterpiece’ designation.


From → 1980s

  1. I don’t own this one yet. I am almost intimidated by it. I want to be as blown away as everyone else. I have the 2 CD Check Your Head which is outstanding.

    • I can relate – the 2nd album I listened to in the 1001 book was Velvet Underground & Nico (almost universally revered), and I didn’t get it – was worried that would be the case for the next 999! So perhaps it’s good to approach Paul’s Boutique with managed expectations. I believe Flavor Flav said ‘don’t believe the hype’ but in this case it should be safe!

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