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Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti (1975)

July 3, 2013

[Album 207/1001]Led_Zeppelin_-_Physical_Graffiti

Led Zeppelin I, II, III, IV?  Depends on the preamble.

Which records are solid?  All of the above!

Which is their best? None of the above.

The (temporarily) correct answer: Physical Graffiti.

The cover may be lacking a roman numeral but there is no shortage of excellence on this double LP.  Not even a Diddy sample can taint Kashmir!


From → 1970s

  1. It is your blog and your world so you have to be right. It does have twice as much Zep as those other records and it does (as Spinal Tap says) go to eleven:)

    • And if Spinal Tap can be referenced, it’s gotta be true! Though the beauty of ‘best of’ lists is they can change by the minute. I’m sure if I put on Zeppelin III today I may have to print a retraction!

      • I made sure to stay far from Zeppelin 2 when responding….and you are correct about changing tastes on any music list.

  2. YES! I was afraid though, with the way Diddy’s version was pushed on MuchMusic – that was frightening! Thankfully, time has healed all wounds and Kashmir stands on its own!

    • Though I must admit to occasionally singing Puff Daddy’s ‘lend me your ears…’ when listening to Kashmir with friends to see the reaction. Usually it’s a laugh, followed by anger!

  3. The best Zeppelin album is…everything they released in their lifetime. Yep, that includes Presence and In Through The Out Door. Never understood why those have been unfairly maligned. On any given day, in any given mood, every song they deemed worthy of release can be the best thing they ever did. This is in no way diminishing your post…Physical Graffiti IS the best Zeppelin album. For now…and later. In between, that’s another story. Haha.

    • Is there an RSS feed for comments for this blog? I haven’t found one. I’m still waiting for Rich to reply to my question in the comments to the David Gray post.

      • I’m not sure how to set up RSS for comments – do you know the process to do so?

      • No, no idea. I just know that it is possible with WordPress blogs. Rich figured it out after I had asked him. 🙂

    • The beauty is, there’s no wrong answer! Glad to hear support for the underdogs in the catalogue. I’ve had Houses of the Holy in the rotation recently, there aren’t many intros better than Over the Hills and Far Away.

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