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Jamiroquai – Emergency on Planet Earth (1993)

June 28, 2013

[Album 203/1001]JamiroquaiEoPE500x500

How to create timeless music:
Step 1 – Sound nothing like the year/era whence you came
Step 2 – Make the song catchy, without diminishing returns on repeated listens
Step 3 – Have a charismatic vocalist & lyrics that work, but do not steal the spotlight from the groove
Repeat steps 1-3 for each song/record.

Easier said than done but Jamiroquai comes close.

Who’s Jamiroquai?  Perhaps the most misunderstood artist name of the 90s.

Is it the guy with the hat on those conveyor belts (from the Virtual Insanity video)?  Is it a band?  An album?  The balderdash term for a novelty over-sized hat?

These days search engines have ruined the fun/length of such a trivial yet enjoyable discussion.  To conclusively settle any unresolved pre-world-wide-web debates: Jamiroquai is a group featuring the lead vocalist Jay Kay.

The band has some impressive standout tracks and there are a few here, especially early in the running order.  They’ve perfected the kind of sound where if one of their tunes were played at a wedding, the dance floor should be at a very low risk of emptying.

Of course there was little chance of a Jamiroquai record being reviewed without Jon Heder making a cameo.  Though Canned Heat is not on this record, other tracks certainly have the same dance-ability factor/infectious hand claps & few will forget this:


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  1. Love his music and I really love the song Napoleon is dancing to. I wish that Jamiroquai had more hits.

    Angela’s Anxious Life

  2. Such a catchy tune – as soon as those opening notes are played, I’m instantly in a good mood!

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