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Queens of the Stone Age – Queens of the Stone Age (1998)

June 27, 2013

[Album 202/2001]Qotsa

“Rock should be heavy enough for the boys and sweet enough for the girls. That way everyone’s happy and it’s more of a party. Kings of the Stone Age is too lopsided.” – Josh Homme

The philosophy behind the band name is also appropriate as a description of the group’s musical appeal.  While later records would have more accessible hits, there’s enough muscle & melody on this eponymous debut to please all camps.

Though as is often the case, if everyone’s happy, nobody’s thrilled.

QOTSA, the album, was a nice reminder in ’98 of rock’s stellar past and promising future.  Superior to the alternatives at the time but by no means a benchmark for the genre, or even the band’s peak for that matter.

Homme takes care of vocals/guitar/bass and while the drummer/drumming is competent, it’s not Dave Grohl (as it would later be on Songs for the Deaf).

To paraphrase a slogan, if you don’t have Dave Grohl on drums, you don’t have Dave Grohl on drums.


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