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Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973)

June 25, 2013

Elton_John_-_Goodbye_Yellow_Brick_Road[Album 201/1001]

What an opening four tracks:

1. Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding – An audacious opener, all 11+ minutes.  When Elton John played Kingston in 2010, this started the show.  My faith in music radio was momentarily restored when a local DJ played the tune midday later that week.  A contender for a future ‘top 5 side one/track ones’ list!

2. Candle in the Wind – The original version, the Marilyn Monroe tribute.

3. Bennie and the Jets – A sing-along where nobody knows the lyrics and nobody cares, as long as you nail the ‘Bennie’ call & answer!

4. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Sometimes artists make odd choices for title tracks, highlighting a decidedly inferior track.  This is not one of those instances; the album’s namesake is one of Sir Reginald’s finest.  Love the soaring “Road.”

It would be unfair to expect the rest of this album, or any album, to keep pace.

Although criticized for being too long & inconsistent, this is one of those double LPs that deserves to be a double.  Editing may have produced a more potent, concise record but I prefer the charm of the 17 track/76 minute sprawling mess.

A delightful mishmash.


From → 1970s

  1. Good call regarding those opening tracks, but the whole album is nearly as strong even if it is all over the place, musically speaking. It also has one of my favorite closing tracks of all time, “Harmony.”

    • An excellent closer – I think it’s that eclectic mix that appeals to me so much with this and a few other double LPs. Sometimes musical continuity is nice but all over the map works nicely in this context!

  2. I don’t love Candle in the Wind. I don’t know why.. maybe I’ve heard it too much. But Bennie and the Jets is a great song. I wish I knew all the words to it.. instead I mumble along!

    Angela’s Anxious Life

    • I can’t say I know anyone that actually knows the lyrics (myself included) – but most friends happily sing along anyways, nothing wrong with that!

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