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The Police – Synchronicity (1983)

June 19, 2013

[Album 198/1001]Police-album-synchronicity

Swans have a curious reputation.  From a distance, serene.  Up close, the mask is creepy.

The Police’s 5th and final studio album, their swan song, represented the band at their most serene and at their all-time creepiest.

The musically beautiful/lyrically disturbing Every Breath You Take.

The magnificent side two.  The horrendous Mother.  Though the latter has inspired me to create a ‘great bands/dismal songs’ top 5 list, so all is not lost!

An interesting trio:
– Sting, perhaps the most identifiable singer in the business with some of the most incoherent lyrics, of course continues to have a successful career 30 years later.
– Andy Summers (guitar) went on to provide the score for Weekend at Bernie’s (but managed to avoid scoring the completely unnecessary sequel!)
– Drummer Stewart Copeland’s cymbal work, as per usual, is terrifically distinctive

If you’re going to break up (and then reunite for a tour decades later), might as well end the studio career on top.

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  1. “Drummer Stewart Copeland’s cymbal work, as per usual, is terrifically distinctive”

    AGREED! I love his cymbal work in general.

    • He’s definitely underrated – though lately I’ve been pleased to see his name show up more frequently on ‘best drummers’ lists!

    • I like splash cymbals. The Police, to me, seem less than the sum of their parts. Summers did some great stuff on Jon Lord’s Sarabande (the only good “rock meets classic” album?), Copeland is a great drummer (used to be in Curved Air). Even Sting had his moments (what other pop star would make an album of Dowland covers with a lutenist from Bosnia?).

      • Haven’t heard any of those – the lute one in particular sounds promising!

      • I have Sarabande but never read the credits! Thanks Philip!

      • “Haven’t heard any of those – the lute one in particular sounds promising!”

        Just google “Sting Karazamov”. 🙂

        Although I like this type of music, I didn’t buy the album, mainly because Sting’s voice just doesn’t do it to me. But kudos for making such an album and learning the lute!

      • “I have Sarabande but never read the credits!”

        Pete York plays drums. Like Jon Lord in the sense that he is really a jazz musician working in a rock context.

  2. Personally I think one of the best Sting albums!

    • I foolishly didn’t see Sting when he came to town earlier this year, 30 years later everyone said he still puts on a fantastic show!

  3. Great post, Every Breath You Take is such a classic.

    • My thanks – that side two of synchronicity is full of classics, hard to choose just one as a favourite!

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