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Aerosmith – Rocks (1976)

May 30, 2013

[Album 188/1001]220px-Aerosmith_-_Rocks

1976.  Good year for wine?

Not sure, but it was a great year musically for Aerosmith and it is currently my favourite vintage of the band.

Any whining by original Aerosmith fans about the last 2+ decades is understandable.

The Aerosmith they know and love doesn’t judge American Idol.  Their Aersomith Rocks.

Just over a half an hour, no shortage of swagger, and with good reason.

The Zeppelin influence & the future GNR influence are obvious and well documented; if that’s the musical flow chart though, that’s a pretty impressive trifecta.

Speaking of trifectas (the horse racing term for betting who will finish 1-2-3), I’m not sure I’m ready to rank the finest hour of each group against the others.

In a hypothetical scenario, and this could change daily, Rocks would likely represent Aerosmith in a battle with Appetite For Destruction and Zeppelin III.

Clearly all three are magnificent & nobody wins by choosing just one!

That wraps up Monosyllabic May – in June I’ll look at albums celebrating milestone anniversaries, enjoy!


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  1. Yes- the the once great Aerosmith were a rock band and this masterpiece proves it!

  2. Best. Aerosmith. Ever. And Sick As A Dog might very well be the best of the best.

    • good choice – and a definite argument in favour of the side 1/side 2 format, a great side 2 opener!

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