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PJ Harvey – Dry (1992)

May 28, 2013

[Album 187/1001]220px-PJHarveyDryalbumcover

You wouldn’t know it was Ms. Harvey’s first record.

The poise, the emotion, the delivery.  The closing 5/4 track, brilliant.

The term, Dry, has a tendency to mean dull and that would be inaccurate here.

I quite like the idea of 4 word film reviews: attempting to be extremely concise, yet still a bit informative and if possible, clever.

My attempt at a (positive) 4 word album review for Polly Jean Harvey’s first record:

Misnamed debut darkly dazzles.

From → 1990s

  1. Nice succinct review of a fantastic debut album. When I revisited her catalog last year I was startled to discover how great she was right from the start.

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