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Sepultura – Roots (1996)

May 26, 2013

[Album 186/1001]Sepultura_-_Roots

Admittedly, this has been the most difficult record thus far from the list to play in its entirety.

The fault is mostly mine as my time is typically split between:
– spending time with my wife & 2-year old daughter
– teaching high school/coaching track & field

Apparently, Roots doesn’t make the most agreeable background music for a family dinner!

I was pleased to be able to play part of the opening track in my grade 10 math class to introduce the topic, ‘looking for the Roots of a quadratic equation.’

In hindsight, perhaps I should have played a song by ?uestlove & The Roots instead; my students seemed somewhat frightened that I listened to this sort of music.

Which was surprising as Sepultura was a big part of my high school music experience.  As peers outgrew their middle school Nirvana shirts, they gradually replenished their wardrobes with Pantera & Sepultura Ts.  The angry young male was a key part of the T-shirt wearing/CD-buying demographic for both groups.

Whereas Pantera likely had the superior riffs, Sepultura’s rhythms were more interesting.  An intricately played mid-album acoustic track & a closing instrumental jam also reveal this was not a band that merely hid behind loud effects pedals.

The big shortcoming of Roots lies in the vocals: aggressive yes, coherent, usually not.  It reminded me of the reasons why my students inevitably tune me out:  it’s too much at once, it’s hard to understand, and frankly after an hour, it’s exhausting.

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