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Fleetwood Mac – Tusk (1979)

May 10, 2013

[Album 181/1001]Fleetwood_Mac_-_Tusk

Not all double LPs should be doubles.

For every sprawling masterpiece, there are probably a few others that ought to have spent a bit more time in the editing room.

Tusk is the record that allows Fleetwood Mac to join the exclusive former club.

Clocking in at an hour and fifteen minutes, it never drags.

Strangely, the album was extraordinarily expensive (at the time) to make.  Strange, as with the exception of the Dodger Stadium-recorded title track, it’s mostly an understated affair.  There’s only the odd standout, otherwise the album flows gently from one track to another.

Speaking of affairs/love triangles & squares, is it better than Rumours? According to Murray Hewitt, that was some of their best work (at 0:54):

I’d argue while Rumours has the stronger singles, this one might work better as a package.

Does it matter?  Apples & oranges, both are keepers.

There’s also something worth celebrating when a group reaches its career peak with its 11th &/or 12th album!

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  1. 11th or 12th? More like 15th or 16th!

  2. Can you please set up an RSS feed for comments! The one I have is for posts. Both are essential!

  3. It was tough sledding to follow up Rumours….you know you can’t make a better record than your best.

    • It’s true. I suppose If you have to follow up a classic, might as well follow it up with another gem!

  4. From this version of this great band, I really like the 1975 self-titled LP and Rumours and therefore cannot now imagine why I’ve never given the full Tusk a shot. With your urging, I imagine it is now time to rectify. Thanks!

    • It’s well worth investigating, definitely not as individually memorable, but the package works quite well!

  5. Fleetwood Mac is such a talented band. I went to a reunion show a few years back and it blew me away. Sara is one of my favorite songs of all time. That song is haunting.

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