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The Offspring – Smash (1994)

May 8, 2013

[Album 180/1001]TheOffspringSmashalbumcover

What kind of music do you like?

A seemingly innocuous question.  In middle school in the mid-90s however, this was a critical part of your identity.  Much to my chagrin, there were only two acceptable answers:

a) Anything But Country
b) Nirvana, Green Day, and The Offspring

This may have been my first experience with musical tastes being a factor in social status.  I missed the memo regarding middle-school music protocol – my typical answers of The Cure & Gin Blossoms, unacceptable!

So it was quite nice listening to this one two decades later, minus any pre-teen pressure to conform.

Which was the great irony: at this stage of their career, The Offspring were considered punk, a genre that inherently opposes the notion of falling in line with social norms!

Dexter Holland may have the most identifiable voice in the business.  Obnoxious of course (and he doesn’t expend too much energy enunciating), but you don’t need the app ‘Shazam’ to instantly spot an Offspring tune.

Bad Habit’s memorable cursing, the “you gotta keep ‘em separated” cut-out, it was the perfect record for its time and its target audience.  I still quite enjoy Gotta Get Away and there will always be a place for Self Esteem.

I listened to a CD copy & the intro soothingly describes putting on your ‘compact disc.’  I’m curious if there were alternate takes for audiocassettes & vinyl pressings!

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  1. Emily permalink

    That question must have been posed pre-Empire Records, because I feel like, after that movie came out, Gin Blossoms must have been the raddest band on the planet!

    • So true – when Til I hear it from you came out (and then Follow You Down) I was finally able to smugly say, see?! see?!
      Side note – I was recently at a friend’s house where I was impressed to see a VHS, DVD, and CD (of the soundtrack) of Empire Records on display, that’s dedication!

  2. Thanks for posting, I had forgotten about Smash! Me and my friends used to listen to it back in 1995 when we were teenagers. My favourite track is Come Out And Play. I’m going to have to buy it again, it was an epic album 🙂

    • Definite teenage album – especially when learning to play guitar ‘power chords’ The Offspring was a key step in the process. And for amateur drummers, learning the intro to Come out and Play proved you could play the drums!

      • Haha! A friend’s brother learnt the guitar but all she heard from him day after day was the opening part of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N Roses!

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