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R.E.M. – Green (1988)

May 6, 2013

[Album 179/1001]220px-R.E.M._-_Green

R.E.M. is a Swiss Chalet Quarter Chicken Dinner.

There are probably superior meals out there with bolder, edgier ingredients.

But sometimes, if you want something you know you’ll enjoy, familiar but distinctive, go for the reliable choice.

You can never go wrong with R.E.M.  Green further supports this claim.

The only time R.E.M. runs into trouble is with the fine line between having a ‘sound’ and sounding repetitive.  

A minor gripe, as that’s also part of the appeal.  Look no further than the New Coke fiasco to see what happens when a successful formula is changed.

A friend once commented that Blue Rodeo has been rewriting the same 5 songs for the last 25 years.  The same could be easily said for R.E.M.

That’s not an insult, more an acknowledgement of both groups specializing in giving the fans what they want.

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  1. Great post and an interesting viewpoint.

    This is my favourite period for REM, up to and including Automatic for the People. I know a lot of purists will disagree and point to the IRS albums but while there are some really fine songs from that period I find some of it a bit patchy and po-faced. By comparison the early Warner’s records were solid, had some great hooks and were really well produced. I’d struggle to find a poor track on Automatic, Out of Time or Green. Automatic in particular is a very special album for me. By the time of Monster’s release in 1994 I think the expectation was so high that they could never deliver on it and it was back to the patchy releases until they split. I’m not sure Warner’s ever really saw the return on such a huge investment…?

  2. Automatic was my gateway to REM – so even if it’s not measurably their strongest, it will always be my favourite! Patchy’s the right word for the late 90’s and beyond – Adventures had some great tunes (E bow might be one of their best), The Great Beyond was an excellent single, but that late 80s/early 90s was their strongest album era in my books as well.

  3. This album was what made me start to get into REM. I really like their earlier albums.

    • Solid record – the hits get a lot of attention but I find with a lot of REM, the whole album works nicely.

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