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Ryan Adams – Gold (2001)

May 1, 2013

It struck me when reviewing Garbage’s Garbage, there are many songs out there with only one syllable.  Which means it’s time to look at albums of a similar nature – welcome to mono-syllabic May!

[Album 177/1001]

220px-Ryan_Adams_GoldOne of my guiding principles: quality over quantity.*

*the exception to the rule being when an album sprawls magnificently into a double album (The Beatles, Melancollie & the Infinite Sadness, and what Ryan Adams intended for this one)

It took a label decision to edit this down to 16 tracks (a bonus disc was available with the material that would have made up side 4); based on the strength of the first 16, I’m not sure the label made the right call.

The quality keeps up with the quantity.

What would have been side one of a double LP starts strong: New York, New York reminds me of Tangled Up in Blue.  Earning that comparison, without sounding derivative, is a compliment to say the least.

The video for New York, New York, featuring Adams in front of the New York skyline, was filmed on September 7, 2001.  12 years removed, it’s still surreal to watch.

Gold kept/keeps re-entering the rotation.  I don’t see it accumulating too much dust on the shelf.

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  1. this is one of my all time favorite albums and i have the double vinyl with the bonus tracks! Best decision I ever made. I saw him perform at town hall in New York City about 6 years ago (during a point in his career when he clearly was not sober) but despite his outrageous outfit and sparkling silver, knee high, platform boots and occasional outbursts he was amazing and it only made me a bigger fan!

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