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Arrested Development – 3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of…(1992)

April 26, 2013

[Album 175/1001]ArrestedDevelopment3Years,5Months&2DaysintheLifeOf___

1992 was my gateway to essential music.  MC Hammer & Vanilla Ice cassettes were (temporarily?) relegated to the drawer, making room for new favourites like Morrissey & The Tragically Hip.

I didn’t own this one, but my sister did (on compact disc, cutting edge at the time), and was kind enough to lend it out.

3 years…feels like the (heavily-romanticized-to-the-degree-of-all-things-now-considered) magical 1992.  More objective listeners should still agree that Mr. Wendal continues to sound great, as does Tennessee.  Especially considering its contemporaries, there’s something to be said for music with a positive overall message.

Alas, the nostalgic sheen can’t quite gloss over everything.  The drum track wears on me after a while and the momentum of the singles was hard to maintain.  Curiously, the album version of People Everyday plods along.  The single version is a contender for the title of ‘genre’s best’ and it is vastly superior to the sluggish take heard here.

A definitive thumbs down is also given for suing the TV show, also named Arrested Development.  Though kudos to the show for making fun of the lawsuit in the ‘Motherboy’ episode.

Most importantly, today also begins the one-month countdown until the elusive season 4 of Arrested Development premieres.  The TV show that is.  I’m required to make that distinction!


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  1. I really loved Mr Wendell and Tennessee. I could rap both songs to you right now. These were really the only hits that I remember this group having and then boom disappeared.

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