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Public Enemy – It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back (1988)

April 23, 2013

[Album 174/1001]

“I’m the epitome of public enemy”PublicEnemyItTakesaNationofMillionstoHoldUsBack

– Weezer, El Scorcho, from their criminally underrated record Pinkerton.

Until this year, I thought that wordplay was all Rivers Cuomo.  Turns out, Chuck D beat him to it by almost a decade.

What goes around I suppose.

Speaking of which, how’s this for recycling:

– Lafayette Afro Rock Band releases the song Darkest Light in 1975
– The saxophone loop is sampled here in Show ‘Em Whatcha Got (and a few years later in Wreckx-n-Effect’s Rump Shaker)
–  Show ‘Em Whatcha Got is later sampled in the 2006 Jay-Z song, Show Me What You Got

Which means were due to hear that sax loop again soon!

The man with the clock does add a certain something.  Without him, the relentless Chuck D would be overwhelming.  You need the comic relief, which is a talent, even if Flav’s lyric contributions aren’t, umm, overwhelmingly profound.

An essential rap recording by any yardstick, strong enough to reinforce PE’s status as my favourite rap group.  I may still prefer Fear of a Black Planet but this one certainly still qualifies as essential listening.

It takes… also inspired perhaps the greatest idea for a college course.

My dream gig!

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