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Buena Vista Social Club – Buena Vista Social Club (1997)

February 26, 2013

[Album 151/1001]220px-Buenavistasocialclubalbumcover

14 tracks in 6 days, nice efficiency.  60 minutes of engaging rhythms & melodies, not too shabby.

The music of course is a subplot here to the much more interesting story:

– Ry Cooder violates US trade embargo with Cuba in recording album, fined $25,000, only allowed back in the country thanks to an act of Clemency by Bill Clinton (on his last day in office no less)

– Apparently several of the musicians were rounded up at the last minute when there were visa issues for the Mali musicians originally scheduled to record with Cooder

– Last minute additions were seasoned veterans, including an 80+ year-old lead singer!

– Overcoming language barriers in studio through an interpreter, the album quickly becomes a worldwide, Grammy Award-winning sensation & later an Academy Award-nominated documentary of the same name

Good music, unique story, worth exploring either way.

Thus ends self-titled February.

Up next: Title track March!


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