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The Eagles – The Eagles (1972)

February 23, 2013

[Album 150/1001]The_Eagles_-_The_Eagles

The Eagles are capable of producing unforgettable pieces of music: the 3rd verse drumfill/guitarmony finale in Hotel California for one.

This one, while mostly inoffensive, is mostly forgettable.

The first two tracks are probably the most memorable and then blandness sets in.  For every track with some strong energy, there’s another that feels like a group in autopilot.

Now it does improve on repeated listens but on at least one early attempt, I got to Train Leaves Here This Morning, lost interest and switched albums.

It is, of course, difficult to completely disapprove of a record where all four members are credited with ‘lead vocals.’  To borrow the song name, Peaceful Easy Feeling is probably an apt description: the melodies & harmonies are pleasant enough but the overall experience, it’s tough to feel too strongly in either direction.


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