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Garbage – Garbage (1995)

February 20, 2013

220px-GarbageSTinternational[Album 149/1001]

I enjoy a good self-deprecating story.

When the three lads in the group were told their work sounded like ‘garbage,’ the eureka moment, band name selected!

Of course, despite impressive production resumes for the gentlemen, the spotlight is squarely on Shirley Manson & she is a formidable frontwoman.

Many will recall Garbage’s contribution to the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack, #1 Crush.  With a dark charisma rivaled only by actress Helena Bonham Carter, Shirley was/is the #1 object of many a fan’s affection.

Arguably their finest work, there’s plenty to be pleased (or more appropriately, be discouraged) about here.  I’m Only Happy When it Rains made for a strong single and mono-syllabic singles Vow & Queer weren’t far behind.

An argument in favour of buying the physical copy: it’s unlikely this unique album cover could be mistaken for any other in a record collection.

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