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The Cars – The Cars (1978)

February 18, 2013

[Album 148/1001]The_Cars_-_The_Cars

1978. Disco. Punk. Perhaps as a happy medium, The Cars with The Cars.

As is often the case with compromises, it’s not particularly thrilling.  Which of course means it received all kinds of radio play.

Yes, there’s ear candy to spare: the left/right panned album opening, handclaps on track 2, and the big single (Just What I Needed) rounding out the front 3.

Later the album remains interesting enough to avoid being dismissively poppy, but not quite as ‘out there’ as contemporaries like Talking Heads.

Maybe significant as an early New Wave recording, the synth-driven power-pop format was later improved upon, most recently by groups like Metric and Hot Hot Heat.


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  1. Don’t have this. I do have their 2 CD anthology, Just What I Needed. It does have six tracks from this…six of the better tracks in fact…but because of that, I haven’t bought any actual Cars albums. Should I change that?

  2. The 2CD set should probably be sufficient, it didn’t seem like the running order was vital here.

    I think of the Cars like The Big Bang Theory – lots of fans, easy to see the appeal, lots of air time. But just as there are more interesting Thursday 8pm TV options (Community for one), there are more interesting, if less instantly accessible, late 70s Cars alternatives (Bowie, Talking Heads…).

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