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G. Love and Special Sauce – G. Love and Special Sauce (1994)

February 6, 2013

[Album 143/1001] G_Love_and_Special_Sauce_album

Few artists like to be pigeon-holed. 

With some albums, it simply cannot be done.  How do you classify this one?  Hip Hop? Blues? Acoustic Alternative Rock?  All of the above?

Whatever the case, this group is one of a kind. 

Nice grooves & understated guitar, double bass, and drums that usually sound closer to garbage cans.  G Love’s laid back delivery is perhaps equal parts endearing & annoying.  The running time goes on longer than it needs to, though maybe that fits with the overall unpolished vibe.

Shooting Hoops is the standout; love the 80s/90s NBA references, great throwback to Dominique Wilkins & company!

It was also not surprising to learn that another laid back/tough to categorize artist (Jack Johnson) would appear on a future album.  Birds of a feather surf together, as they say.

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