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The Specials – The Specials (1979)

February 3, 2013

[AlSpecials_uk_frontbum 142/1001]

If the genre is ‘ska-punk,’ this is one of the records that set the bar.

Even if such genre bars are eventually raised by later groups (Sublime & Reel Big Fish in this case), the initial measurement is usually worth a listen.

No exception here.  A Message to You Rudy is about as catchy an opener as there is & it’s an upbeat set the rest of the way.  The influence on future groups is evident and I didn’t know that The Ordinary Boys’ Little Bitch was a cover.  Now I do.

One slight drawback (more so for the genre) is the role of the guitarist.  Upstrokes are fun and all, but after a while…

Which is probably what elevates Sublime & Reel Big Fish: both featured singers that could also play the guit-ar like a mother f’n riot.  One even said so himself!

Perhaps The Specials’ guitarists were given more breathing room on later releases.  Regardless, I’m looking forward to the follow-up record, More Specials.

Partially out of curiosity to see whether that album title is more of a qualitative or quantitative statement.

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  1. Love The Specials! 🙂 Classic.

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