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George Michael – Faith (1987)

January 16, 2013

New Year’s Resolution #7: Be More Independent

[Album 135/1001]220px-GeorgeMichaelFaithAlbumcover

Wham!’s Last Christmas somehow seemed even more omnipresent this past holiday season. Combining that with the promise that the wait for more Arrested Development episodes should end this year, it was time to listen to George Michael (the singer/songwriter)’s debut.

Two quotes come to mind when I hear an artist wants to branch off on his or her own:
1) Vanilla Ice, “I’m on a roll it’s time to go solo”
2) Herbie from the (laughably/cringe-worthily-dated & somehow my daughter’s still requesting it well into January) Rudolph Christmas special, “I’m in-de-pen-dent”

Michael was part of an enormously successful duo before trying his hand as a solo artist, a risky venture attempting to top his past successes. The gamble paid off handsomely: stubble, leather jacket, bottom-shaking denim-pant and all.

There’s no disputing the appeal of his voice, it’s undeniably pleasant, even if the lyrics venture well into less universally pleasing themes. If Prince was being explicit about his intentions with his 1987 song, It, George leaves even less open to misinterpretation about his agenda on track 3.

Faith is a mix of pop/dance/r&b and more, plenty to enjoy.  To his credit, unlike some of his Wham! hits, much of this record would blend seamlessly into many current popular radio playlists.

post-script: Just realized that’s back-to-back posts with Vanilla Ice references.  Perhaps I ought to have made a New Year’s Resolution or two as well…

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  1. Underrated and underappreciate album today, I think.

  2. This was my first record album that my mom bought me. Still some great great music on here. George Micheal’s voice is great… too bad he doesn’t make music anymore.

  3. I LOVE this album. I’ll have to write a blog post about it and my crush on GM.

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