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Eminem – The Slim Shady LP (1999)

January 13, 2013

New Year’s Resolution #6: Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

[Album 134/1001]220px-Eminem_-_The_Slim_Shady_LP_CD_cover

I previously awarded the silver medal for music marketing in the 90s to Marilyn Manson.  The gold medalist?  It could only be Marshall Mathers/Eminem/Slim Shady.

When ‘white rap’ was previously viewed as Vanilla Ice’s domain, Eminem’s debut shattered that perception.

What an entrance.

My Name Is set the tone, managing to offend just about all within earshot.  Little remorse is shown on the album closer, Still Don’t Give a…, though perhaps that shouldn’t be surprising given the title.

His voice is obnoxious, but instantly identifiable.  His freestyling abilities are impressive, his fire-starting skills legendary.  The Dr. Dre affiliation likely didn’t hurt, but make no mistake, this is Eminem’s show.

However, as with fellow lightning rod Marilyn Manson, when you burst onto the scene in a storm of controversy, what do you do for an encore?  Well, Eminem eventually released an album titled Encore and scored an Academy Award for Lose Yourself, while remaining a key figure in the music business to this day.

Though many would point to this record as his peak; despite the success of later releases, his consistently angry vocals also turned into an oft-retweeted twitter punch line:

“I like that Eminem song where he is yelling”

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  1. Honestly I think he is genius. These songs had great parts that just made you jam to them. I am sad he is retired now. Even the most recent stuff he released was excellent.

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