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Tori Amos – Little Earthquakes (1992)

January 1, 2013

And a Happy 2013 to all!

To ring in the New Year, 10 New Year’s Resolutions, executed in exemplary fashion by 10 artists from the 1001 list.  The resolutions begin with the former lead singer of Y Kant Tori Read…

New Year’s Resolution #1: Start Strong

[Album 129/1001]Lecover-big

For Tori Amos, resolution accomplished.  That Little Earthquakes was her first record was surprising; it in no way resembles a ‘rookie’ album, replete with artistic foot finding.  I’m a fan.

There are the gentler, melodic options such as Tear in Your Hand & Silent All These Years.  The aggressive ones, such as Crucify, are equally memorable.  Somewhere in between, the second track, Girl, might be my favourite from Tori’s debut.

She may be unfairly derided as a Kate Bush clone.  There are clearly vocal similarities, it would be difficult, nay impossible, to deny!  Musically however, especially with her piano work, Tori might even take it up a level.

A high enough level to place Little Earthquakes as the top record (so far) by a female solo artist on the 1001 list.

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  1. I agree! Tori Amos is both musically and thematically much stronger than Kate Bush in my books.

  2. My thanks! This was definitely one of those ones that kept ending up back in the stereo by choice, well beyond the requisite listens.

  3. Little earthquakes, Under the pink, and Boys for Pele, her first three albums were excellent in my opinion. There was something I liked in all of the albums I heard, which also include the subsequent albums right up to Scarlett walk (I know the Beekeeper as well). I lost track after that… But I haven’t made up my mind as to which of the first three is the best. Her debut one is a strong contender. She started her carreer strong with the song Crucify.


    • The beauty of choosing one ‘best’ from Tori’s first three: there’s no wrong answer! On any given day my answer might change – From the choirgirl Hotel, especially Cruel & Jackie’s strength, make it a strong contender as well.

      • Yes, Choirgirl too, I haven’t heard that in a while! Man, the 90’s sure were great music wise. Alternative music as they said back then went from Bjork, to Nirvana, to Portishead, to Belle and Sebastian, to Red Hot Chilli Peppers, to Smashing Pumpkings, to Tori Amos, to Squirrel Nut Zippers, to Ani Difranco, to Radiohead… They defined the genres a bit better at the end of the decade, if I remember correctly. In any case, there were lots of defining albums at that time – sighing nostalgically – although I feel like it’s getting better now.

      • I’m often nostalgic for the 90s as well – though the big surprise of this project so far has been the 70s, I didn’t realize I was such a fan!

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