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Finley Quaye – Maverick a Strike (1997)

December 5, 2012

[Album 121/1001]

On the list of things I look forward to every summer: garage sales.  In particular, garage sales where I can find CDs/LPs/Cassettes like this one for 50 cents.

Might as well get the Bob Marley comparison over with early on: yes, he does sound reminiscent and Marley gets a songwriting credit on the best tune here (Sunday Shining).  Throw in some comparable guitar upstrokes, drum fills, and it’s not difficult to make the connection.  If Mr. Quaye had been able to extend the momentum of the first few tracks into multiple hit records, university dorm rooms today might have been adorned with his posters alongside Bob’s.

Alas, at 13 tracks it goes on longer than it needs to and admittedly, my engagement declines towards the end each time.  One track also sounded a little too close to Whiney, Whiney from the Dumb & Dumber soundtrack.  Catchy?  Yes.  Helps Finley’s Cred?  It’s tough when all you can picture is Lloyd Christmas.

That being said, if you need a break from Christmas carols &/or cold November December rain, a handful of these songs should provide a nice summer vibe.

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