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Kate Bush – The Sensual World (1989)

December 3, 2012

[Album 120/1001]

After a month of marvelous moustaches, it is time to put the ladies back on the playlist.

When hearing that an artist has ‘matured’ on a record, from my experience that often means:
– They are fully clothed (or at least the RHCP wearing more than a sock)
– The first single is not about chimpanzees (Barenaked Ladies, or as Community put it, BNL)

As she notes on FogThe Sensual World is Kate, all grown up.  Overall, it is perhaps more consistent than Hounds of Love, though lacking the sheer strength & quantity of the Hounds singles.  Love and Anger may be her best individual track to date.

I have to applaud her impressive foresight with the song, Deeper Understanding.  Its subject mattera human relationship with a computer.

Bear in mind this album was released in 1989.  As Kid Rock later observed (and if you’ll overlook the double negative), “It was 1989…we didn’t have no internet.”

In 2012, take away a person’s cell phone/instant access to technology for a few moments?  For many, expect to see immediate symptoms of withdrawal.

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