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The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)

November 29, 2012

Moustache(s) #1: The Beatles
Harnessing the power of 4 fabulous ‘staches
to earn the gold

[Album 119/1001]

Although often considered the best album of all-time, it may not even make my Beatles top 3.  It’s not exactly throwaway either, considering it could easily still be in my top 10 overall!

Want to test the credibility of a radio station?  If they play the title track and immediately follow it up by playing With a Little Help From My Friends, no need to change the dial.

A Day in the Life is about as good as it gets.

Each individual track merits dissection.  I likely will lack discipline on other Beatle recordings and blog posts may start to resemble dissertations.  For now, an attempt at brevity.

There’s a reason it was #1 on Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Albums list.

Absolutely Essential.

Thus ends the moustache series (thanks for following/agreeing/vehemently disagreeing!) & tomorrow also marks the one year anniversary of the blog.  To commemorate, highlights of year 1/10.

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