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Queen – Queen II (1974)

November 24, 2012

Moustache #3: Freddie Mercury
There would be no list without Freddie

[Album 117/1001]

The greatest frontman of all time will have to settle for the silver medal when it comes to ranking the individual staches on the 1001 albums list.

Yes I am aware of the irony (or commonly misappropriated irony, if that’s the incorrect use of the term) here: I’m celebrating Freddie’s moustache contributions with an album where he’s front & center on the cover, clearly moustache-free.

To that I say…touché.

Queen II features their delightfully over-the-top multi-multi-tracked sound, though surprisingly little in the way of crowd-pleasers.  There’s the distinct white side (primarily May compositions) & black side (Mercury numbers).  Some tunes are better than others and it’s heavier than what more recent Queen converts might expect.

Seven Seas of Rhye as a closer was an inspired decision.  Records have a tendency to taper off but this one goes out with a bang.  The brief fade out of the closing chant is appropriate, leaving the audience wanting more.  Good showmanship, as per usual.

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  1. Great series of posts – nice

  2. Much appreciated – I felt instead of growing out a (somewhat disturbing in my case) moustache, I could participate this way!

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