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Motörhead – No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith (1981)

November 21, 2012

Moustache #4: Lemmy
Most Menacing

[Album 116/1001]

The most menacing award had to go to Lemmy, lead singer and bassist of Motörhead.

His qualifications are unparalleled:
– he’s looking even more intimidating with age
– the gravel voice: after years of (let’s call it) improper vocal technique, he’s somehow able to still produce an audible sound.  That is nothing short of impressive/science-defying.
– the umlaut in Motörhead is there, not to change the pronunciation of the name in any way, but to look mean!

This one has a surprisingly full sound for a trio, full energy throughout.

It definitely doesn’t sound like they’re phoning it in.  If you’re not a Motörhead enthusiast, this record may not win you over.  However, fans will be pleased to hear it’s not just studio trickery, these 3 guys can play.

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