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Boston – Boston (1976)

November 17, 2012

Moustache(s) #5: Boston
Best guitar + moustache harmonizing

[Album 115/1001]

If there’s a criticism of Boston (the album), it is perhaps too instantly likeable.

There’s the odd venture into Prog-rock organ-feature territory, but for the most part, it’s irresistibly upbeat and accessible.  There is a danger of being so immediately palatable however: although it’s difficult to imagine the masses saying “Boston? I loathe Boston,” the many who like Boston, probably like Boston.  No extremes either way, though it’s unlikely the band will complain about the response this record received.

There is one true anthem in the mix here.  The chorus of More Than A Feeling proves that 4 chords are all you really need.  I have no idea what the lyrics of the verses are, but that’s likely immaterial.  Much like with Tom Cochrane & Life is a Highway, they may have to fend off heckler requests at concerts to, “Get to the chorus!”

The rest of the album also provided a sound blueprint for future artists to build on, notably The Darkness & their debut, Permission To Land.


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  1. Love them. More then a Feeling just makes me dance!

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