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David Crosby – If I Could Only Remember My Name (1971)

November 13, 2012

Moustache #6: David Crosby
Reclaiming the term “Crosby ‘stache”


[Album 114/1001]

In 2012, if you tell someone with a moustache that they’ve got a Crosby ‘stache, you may receive a response of:

– Anger, as a Sidney Crosby moustache? Not so full.
– Bemusement, as Bing Crosby was typically clean shaven
– Genuine Gratitude, as David Crosby’s was one for the books

His solo debut features many guest artists including Jerry Garcia, Neil Young & Joni Mitchell.  Chances are if you enjoy their early 70s output, this will not disappoint.

For those not overly partial to the above artists, If I Could Only Remember My Name may also not fit under the category of ‘your cup of tea.’

Overall, it’s a relatively sparse recording (which is good), featuring some soaring pedal steel & a bit of cascading autoharp (which is great!), and is pleasant if not particularly life changing.  Which makes the title apt: the music is just fine but may be just as easily forgotten.

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