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Metallica – Metallica (1991)

November 10, 2012

Moustache #7: James Hetfield
2nd Most Menacing on the list

[Album 113/1001]

The equation was simple:
Jagged black guitar + Rock Stance + Fu Manchu + exaggerated diction (exxxxxxxxit light-TAH!) = A formidable frontman.

Metallica, aka the Black album, earned the band legions of new fans.  It’s not hard to see the appeal: 21 years later, this almost feels like a Greatest Hits Volume II collection.

Lars Ulrich & the gang may have the best intros in heavy rock/metal:
– The instantly identifiable Enter Sandman acoustic picking
– The simple sitar pattern from Wherever I May Roam
– The percussion crescendo of The Unforgiven
– Nothing Else Matters
gave hope to amateur guitarists around the world, 4 open strings & you’ve got it!

Less than endearing terms like ‘sell out’ tend to enter the conversation when a band hits the mainstream.  However, the label is inappropriate here. 

More accessible?  Unequivocally accurate.  Merely a collection of mediocre, radio-friendly unit-shifters?  Well the record sold, but sometimes mediocrity is not the only sound that sells.  

This one, for example.

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  1. It’s still a dreadful moustache…

  2. Agreed, but list-worthy in its dreadfulness I suppose!

  3. No much of a heavy metal fan.. but every now and then there is a band that will just grab my attention and their music … well.. rocks!! This is one of those bands.

  4. Sad But True has such a memorable intro too.

    • Agreed – I’m surprised I didn’t include it in the post, it’s another solid one! Not everyone was pleased when Kid Rock borrowed it for American Bad Ass – I didn’t mind it, I think of it more as an acknowledgement of Metallica’s original great intro

      • Ha ha. I liked it a lot at the time. I even bought two Kid Rock albums thinking it would all be that heavy. I like Kid Rock’s voice. I imagine I could probably accurately sing 75% of the lyrics to his three biggest hits now if I was asked.

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