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Prince – Sign “O” the Times (1987)

November 8, 2012

Moustache #8: Prince
Simply the filthiest

[Album 112/1001]

The moustache may be thin but this album was anything but.  There was initially a vision of a triple LP before the record label insisted on trimming it to a double.

Double the size of Purple Rain, perhaps about 1.5x the fun.

It definitely does not start off in party mode with the title track’s opening line, “Oh yeah In France a skinny man died of a big disease with a little name.”  It’s back into upbeat territory on track two (Play in the Sunshine) before sped-up vocals by Camille (a Prince alter-ego!) drive the funk of Housequake.

The genre-hopping doesn’t stop there.

It’s all a bit ridiculous but Prince benefits from the same license afforded to David Bowie.  Anyone else does the music Bowie did?  That’s pretty far out man.  Bowie?  Ahh, he’s just being Bowie!

Sign “O” the Times?  Prince being Prince.  Who else could have performances by an (obnoxiously voiced) alter-ego on an album sometimes considered the decade’s best?  In an era of neatly packaged artists, how do you classify a record with just about every style imaginable?  Who else could wear that moustache as successfully as he did?

One of a kind, both the artist and the record.

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