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Kings of Leon – Youth and Young Manhood (2003)

November 2, 2012

To recognize Movember, 10 artists/groups featuring at least one prominent moustcahe.  It begins with #10.

Moustache #10: Early Kings of Leon
Moustache(s) most integral to a band’s music

[Album 110/1001]

There’s a distinct difference between albums 1 & 2 by Kings of Leon and the rest of their catalogue.  Different theories abound for the change in sound but my favourite explanation is this: they went to glossy super-production when they lost their moustaches.

This is my preferred version of Kings of Leon.  Nothing fancy, reminds me a lot of The Libertines’ Up The Bracket.  Lots of energy, I can see why esteemed colleagues rave about their early days.

I’d put Youth and Young Manhood above their post-moustached output but I think I might still take their 2nd release, Aha Shake Heartbreak, over this one.


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  1. devon permalink

    Ah Geoff, I appreciate yet another shout out! Haven’t checked in awhile, my sincere appologies.

    • ’tis I who should apologize – I’ve been meaning to message you to say Holly’s hooked on the Devon-inspired ranch dressing + potato combo, or white sauce for dipping as she calls it!

  2. GREAT group. Sex on Fire, Be Somebody blew me away. I hadn’t heard music like that in a while. Too bad they broke up already.

  3. daniellesussingham permalink

    Best Song on the Album is Red Morning Light, that is actually their best song on any album in my opinion and I am surprised it was not more popular.

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