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Kings of Leon – Youth and Young Manhood (2003)

November 2, 2012

To recognize Movember, 10 artists/groups featuring at least one prominent moustcahe.  It begins with #10.

Moustache #10: Early Kings of Leon
Moustache(s) most integral to a band’s music

[Album 110/1001]

There’s a distinct difference between albums 1 & 2 by Kings of Leon and the rest of their catalogue.  Different theories abound for the change in sound but my favourite explanation is this: they went to glossy super-production when they lost their moustaches.

This is my preferred version of Kings of Leon.  Nothing fancy, reminds me a lot of The Libertines’ Up The Bracket.  Lots of energy, I can see why esteemed colleagues rave about their early days.

I’d put Youth and Young Manhood above their post-moustached output but I think I might still take their 2nd release, Aha Shake Heartbreak, over this one.

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  1. devon permalink

    Ah Geoff, I appreciate yet another shout out! Haven’t checked in awhile, my sincere appologies.

    • ’tis I who should apologize – I’ve been meaning to message you to say Holly’s hooked on the Devon-inspired ranch dressing + potato combo, or white sauce for dipping as she calls it!

  2. GREAT group. Sex on Fire, Be Somebody blew me away. I hadn’t heard music like that in a while. Too bad they broke up already.

  3. Best Song on the Album is Red Morning Light, that is actually their best song on any album in my opinion and I am surprised it was not more popular.

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