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Bob Dylan – Blonde on Blonde (1966)

October 22, 2012

[Album 106/1001]

High Fidelity (at 1:20 of clip):

“You don’t have it?  That is perverse – don’t tell anybody you don’t own f’n Blonde on Blonde.  It’s gonna be OK.” – Jack Black.

Thankfully, when I made a similar confession to a colleague, he graciously loaned me his copy, without an expletive-laced lecture!

I’m typically a believer in quality over quantity.  I suppose Robert Zimmerman may be one of the exceptions to the rule.  Even though he was beyond prolific in the mid-60s, there doesn’t appear to be any trace of diminishing returns.

So if the quality can keep pace with the quantity (as it does here), the more the merrier.

Blonde on Blonde is also credited as being rock’s first double album: considering a few other favourites are sprawling double LPs, my thanks to Mr. Dylan for paving the way.

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  1. Emily Cavers permalink

    Because of this blog entry, I started my day off with that clip from High Fidelity. Best day ever- well done!

    • Many thanks – I’m a firm believer that all days should begin with a healthy dose of High Fidelity/Arrested Development or the like.

      I was pleased to be able to introduce closing entries to my accounting class today with the clip from the office of Stanley singing Closing Time!

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