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T. Rex – The Slider (1972)

October 15, 2012

[Album 103/1001]

What an (unintentionally, most likely) apt name for the record.  Order ‘sliders’ from a gourmet burger restaurant and you will receive 3 sample-size burgers.

1.  Much like their Cretaceous-era namesake, T.Rex could have a formidable roar.  So much so that the stomp-along Metal Guru had its melody lifted to form the basis for Panic, a popular single by the typically critically-immune group, The Smiths.  Though they wisely did so overtly, with Johnny Marr suggesting to producer John Porter, “let’s do a T.Rex record,” at the beginning of the recording process.

2. The acoustic numbers are equally strong and not dissimilar to those by a character sometimes known as Ziggy Stardust.  Not surprisingly, Bowie was a fan and would also later work with The Slider‘s producer, Tony Visconti.

3. John Lennon is name-dropped, Telegram Sam ventures into George Harrison’s Savoy Truffle territory, and the ever-underappreciated Ringo is even credited with the album’s art direction.

Perhaps the only thing keeping T.Rex from the stratosphere occupied by these artists was ego; it’s rarely encouraging when a singer belts out the lyrics in the 3rd person (as on Main Man).

That being said, if pieces of the album put you in the same conversation as all of the above, you were definitely doing something right.

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