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Franz Ferdinand – Franz Ferdinand (2004) & The Killers – Hot Fuss (2004)

August 28, 2012

[Album 85B & 86B / 1001]

“It was a sequel.  I had to come.”
– Valeria Golino, Hot Shots Part Deux

Welcome back!

Side twos
Admittedly, the side twos of the two debuts aren’t nearly as strong.  Therefore, an admittedly inferior documentation of the head-to-head matchups.  The winners are denoted in bold.

6. Cheating on You (FF) vs. Andy, You’re a Star (TK).  FF 1, TK 0

7. This Fire (FF) vs. On Top (TK).  FF 2, TK 0

8. Darts of Pleasure (FF) vs. Change Your Mind*(TK).  FF 3, TK 0
Change Your Mind was the US Edition, replaced by Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll on the UK Edition.

9. Michael (FF) vs. Believe Me Natalie (TK). FF 3, TK 1

10. Come On Home (FF) vs. Midnight Show (TK). FF 4, TK 1

11. 40′ (FF) vs. Everything Will Be Alright (TK).  FF 4 , TK 2 

So Franz takes part deux. Considering the cumulative score (round 1 + round 2) hands them the majority (6 to 5), I might be inclined to call it the better record.  For today at least, I won’t.

As is the philosophy in baseball, the top of the batting order is going to get more playing time, therefore lead with strength.  Ceteris paribus, typically the team with the stronger #1-5 hitters will persevere.

This isn’t condoning front-loading of albums per se.  Just that if the best 5 songs were handpicked from each album, I’d have to give the overall title to Hot Fuss;  The Killers just happened to put their best 5 up front.

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