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Franz Ferdinand – Franz Ferdinand (2004) & The Killers – Hot Fuss (2004)

August 25, 2012

[Album 85A & 86A /1001]

Instead of dissecting the debut albums from Franz Ferdinand & The Killers separately, a head-to-head, side vs. side battle felt considerably more appropriate:
– Franz Ferdinand (FF) is a Glaswegian band that sounds North American; The Killers (TK) belie their Las Vegas origins by sounding very British
– Both were key players in the ‘Rock, with a dance beat’ movement of 2004
– Both were featured in early episodes of The OC (and much like The OC, both groups peaked early)
– The potency of both albums is maximized when listened to in one-side increments
– A clear winner wasn’t already obvious

Hence, today’s post comparing the side ones
(and the tantalizing cliffhanger, withholding the overall winner reveal until the next post…) 

Side Ones
1. Jacqueline (FF) vs. Jenny Was a Friend of Mine (TK)
Musically, I likely prefer Jenny… but I can’t get the Jacqueline chorus, “it’s always better on holiday,” out of my head.  I’m not disagreeing or complaining.
FF 1, TK 0  

2. Tell Her Tonight (FF) vs. Mr. Brightside (TK)
Whereas Tell Her Tonight flips between annoying & catchy, there’s no denying the appeal of Mr. Brightside.  The track has enjoyed enormous digital success and the verse-into-bridge segue of “but she’s touching his…chest now” makes it the winner.
FF 1, TK 1

3. Take Me Out (FF) vs. Smile Like You Mean It (TK)
Smile Like You Mean It is probably my favourite song from Hot Fuss.  The gradual intro layering is a nice tip of the hat to Robert Smith.  Unfortunately for its standing in this contest, as the 3rd track it was pitted against Take Me Out, which also happens to be in the conversation for the best song of the 21st century thus far.
FF 2, TK 1

4. The Dark of the Matinée (FF) vs. Somebody Told Me (TK)
Perhaps the closest matchup on side one.  I quite like the drums in Somebody Told Me, as good a tie-breaker as any.
FF 2, TK 2

5. Auf Achse (FF) vs. All These Things That I’ve Done (TK)
“I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier.”  Silver medalist to Outkast’s “shake it like a Polaroid picture” as the top mid/late-song vocal hook of the last decade. 
FF 2, TK 3

Hot Fuss takes round 1, stay tuned!

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