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The Beach Boys – The Beach Boys Today! (1965)

August 17, 2012

[Album 82/1001]

Very few albums can contain both the inane and the absolutely inspired.

The Beach Boys, what a maddening group.  Some of the songs in their catalogue are like nails on a chalkboard, styrofoam being rubbed together or an equally unpleasant audio experience analogy of your choice.

Yet, some of their work was ahead of its time and still sounds phenomenal today.

This may be the album that demonstrates those two extremes most vividly.
Take tracks 5 & 6: whereas Help Me, Ronda (later with an h) is brilliant, Dance, Dance, Dance is almost insultingly dim & generic.

Even though he was told by a band mate that his pushing of pop music’s boundaries sounded like (and this is putting it delicately) animal noises, when Brian Wilson strayed from the surf, surf, surf, dance, dance, dance formula, he wrote some great stuff.

So if you prefer when the lads sing about surf, surf, surfing (even though only one of the Boys actually surfed), there’s likely enough early in the record to satisfy.

If you’re more interested in the aforementioned ‘pet sounds’ Brian was exploring, you should find the bulk of The Beach Boys Today! enjoyable.

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