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Brian Eno – Here Come The Warm Jets (1974)

August 15, 2012

Album [81/1001]

In my inaugural blog post, I stated the following as my first objective for this project:
“1. Accept & move beyond the glaring omissions (no pinkerton? no fully completely?!)”

At times I have struggled.  I’ve had to remind myself that these are the ‘1001 albums you must hear’ not necessarily the ‘1001 best albums.’  Surely, if one were so inclined, an album could be found that matched up note-for-note, was superior to Britney Spears’ 1999 debut.

Pop quiz:
Who is on this 1001 list more than any other artist? 
By my unofficial count, it’s Brian Eno with 13.

Which automatically raises my expectations to unreasonable levels: Brian Eno’s on here 13 times?  That means he’s 13 times more important than Pearl Jam!  Infinitely more essential than Blind Melon and all the groups that aren’t even on the list…wait, remember the blog objectives, serenity now.

In fairness, Eno’s count of 13 includes:
– his albums with Roxy Music
– his solo albums & collaborations
– producer &/or songwriter credits with Bowie, Robert Wyatt, U2…

Important, perhaps.  Interesting, at least this one, not terribly.  Even attempting to manage expectations, I’m having difficulty seeing the magic with this particular selection.

So I once again turned to the world of film to make some sense of it all.

In 1995, audiences eagerly anticipated the film Waterworld, the most expensive movie ever made (at that time).  I have yet to see it, but I remember reading a Waterworld review that summed up my feelings about Here Come The Warm Jets quite succinctly: it wasn’t great, it wasn’t awful.  It was OK and that’s what made it disappointing.

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  1. Meg permalink

    I was happy to see this review in my inbox this morning after our conversation about it a week or so ago! BRIAN ENO?? hahahaha. I particularly like the Waterworld reference. Oh, and for the record, it is a shame that the Pinkertin album is not on that list. Maybe you should change it to 1002 must hear albums.

  2. Pardon my manners Meg – the Listography book, it’s the cat’s pyjamas! Many thanks again, I may add a list or two at the end of the book about the records I’d put on a revised 1001 (and which ones to trim from the published 1001) – I’m looking forward to discussing many of the listography lists with you folks, particularly the guilty pleasures!

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