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Peter Gabriel – Peter Gabriel aka ‘III’ or ‘Melt’ (1980)

July 27, 2012

[Album 75/1001]

Perhaps in honour of The Dark Knight Rises (and other strong third installments), it’s part III week, looking at self-titled third albums.

First up, Peter Gabriel’s Peter Gabriel, also known as III or Melt.

My delightful wife & I have been re-watching the Seinfeld series, a show that inspired many new phrases.  One memorable new expression was where Elaine had “shiks-appeal,” as she seemed to attract all kinds of Jewish men.  I’m trying to think of what the appropriate term would be for Peter Gabriel: I can’t recall anyone, regardless of gender, religion, or nationality, ever saying anything negative about his music.

What’s not to like – even the story of the release is great.  His record label hears the early tapes, deems them insufficiently commercial, drops him from their roster.  He’s picked up by Mercury and the album, deservingly, sells many copies.

The late-night saxophone on Start and the immeasurably catchy I Don’t Remember are just two of the highlights from side one.  Side two opener Games Without Frontiers is also an early contender for best whistling interlude on the 1001 list.   

I’m naturally a tad biased on this one, but when it comes to Peter Gabriel, who isn’t!

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