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XTC – Skylarking (1986)

July 10, 2012

[Album 69/1001]

The title of the opening track, Summer’s Cauldron, summarizes the album felicitously: Skylarking combines the sunny sounds of late 60s Beach Boys/Beatles/Kinks mixed together with some darker themes, notably the skeptical closer Dear God (absent from the original release).

It also has all the ingredients of great albums by the aforementioned groups:
– Nice vocal harmonies
– Diverse instrumentation, even into Jazz flute on The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul that would make Ron Burgundy proud
– Could be categorized as a ‘concept’ album (à la Pet Sounds/Sgt. Pepper/Arthur)

Skylarking also adds to the case for 1986 as the top year musically of the 1980s (joining Master of Puppets, So, The Queen is Dead, Graceland, and Licensed to Ill among other solid releases).

Thank you to recently married Mark for the introduction.  If I can offer any unsolicited marriage advice, I’ll quote XTC’s Big Day,  “if you have love then let it show like on the big day.”

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