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Rufus Wainwright – Want One (2003)

July 6, 2012

[Album 68/1001]

Hey, isn’t that the guy that did that version of Hallelujah/Across The Universe

Though both well-executed covers, Want One demonstrates that Mr. Wainwright’s songwriting skills are on par with his performing abilities.

In early listens, I kept hearing elements of mid-90s Radiohead.  Most notably, the songs I Don’t Know What it Is and Go or Go Ahead could have easily substituted for Nice Dream or Bulletproof on The Bends.

Congratulating myself on the comparison, I showed my wonderful wife the record.  However, I was quickly out-similed when she astutely observed that a lot of the songs sounded more like Keane!

That’s not to say Want One is in any way derivative (especially as Keane’s debut, Hopes and Fears, wouldn’t be released until 2004).  To be in a class with those artists, yet still be a distinctively original endeavour, is saying something.

I may still take The Bends or Hopes and Fears over Want One; Then again, at a fine dining restaurant, I might take the filet mignon or lobster over the pork tenderloin.  Either way, it will be higher-end quality with excellent presentation.

And that’s a metaphor I refuse to lose.  *smiling emoticon*


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