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Rush – Moving Pictures (1981)

June 22, 2012

[Album 64/1001]

“What about the voice of Geddy Lee.  How did it get so high?”
Stereo, Pavement

For years I was baffled, much like Stephen Malkmus about Geddy’s range, but also about Rush’s appeal.  I knew they were talented musicians, but I struggled with the general lack of discernable song structures and the surplus of what I interpreted as futuristic sound effects.

I’m not sure when the switch went, but now I’m a believer!  Almost as much as Jason Segel and Paul Rudd here:

The film, I Love You Man, was probably a catalyst in my conversion to becoming a fan.  That being said, it’s probably a bit like the ‘lightbulb going on’ metaphor: sooner or later, especially for those who have ever played in a group, one can’t help but appreciate Rush.

Tom Sawyer opens Moving Pictures with a bang; YYZ is one of the better instrumentals I’ve heard.  Throw in Red Barchetta and Limelight (the song performed in the YouTube clip) and side A quickly becomes one of the strongest of the decade.  Top marks as well for getting a huge sound out of a trio.

Though I don’t think I’ll buy any Rush sheet music – time signatures change so frequently, I’d imagine playing along by ear is the way to go.  Or attempting to play along I should say as none of the parts would ever be classified as easy.

Great stuff.

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  1. Meg permalink

    HAHAHA Love it. I would say that I Love you Man was also a turning point for many. The Rush documentary on HBO also helped increase my appreciation for the band – if you get a chance to watch it, I would suggest you do so.

    Thanks also for the reference to Pavement. I need to bring out “Brighten the corners” to relive the magic! High-ho silver ride.

  2. I was shocked and chagrined that Brighten the Corners wasn’t one of the 1001! Though I suppose they did include Slanted & Enchanted and Crooked Rain – I shall investigate the documentary, thanks!

  3. Nice to see a really good album in the list! 🙂

    I’ll be seeing them in June.

    You can see me in the Rush30 video during “Red Barchetta” if you know where to look.

    • Nice – probably 3 of the more talented musicians out there. Surprisingly Alex Lifeson doesn’t get a ton of attention – usually the guitarist gets all the glory but in Rush, the spotlight’s on the bass & drums!

      • Yes, Lifeson is seriously overlooked. The reason, of course, is that there are several good guitarists, a few good bassists but just one Neil Peart.

      • There certainly is!

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