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The Jam – All Mod Cons (1978)

June 15, 2012

Album [62/1001]

Revered as the ‘Modfather’ and as a major influence on 90’s British Guitar Rock (perhaps my favourite era), I was surprised at how little I knew about Paul Weller.

All Mod Cons is a good listen, made all the more impressive considering he was 20 when the album was released.  Mr. Clean & English Rose are two of the standouts, though curiously the latter wasn’t listed on the original release even though it was on the album.

With the spotlight focused squarely on Weller, Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler are up there on the list of underappreciated rhythm sections.

Although I might give this particular album a ‘decent, if not great’ label, The Jam represents an important part of British Guitar history regardless; when exploring All Mod Cons, I kept thinking of the notion of ‘six degrees of separation.’

The closing track, Down in the Tube Station at Midnight, inspired the creation of the map below.  Think of it like the London Underground map – simplified, not necessarily geographically accurate or perfectly to scale, but hopefully at least gives an idea of the many connections! 

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  1. Funny thing — in all my years at the record store, I’ve never seen this album. At least I don’t recognize the cover at all.

    I love the map at the bottom, I’d forgotten Weller played on Champagne Supernova!

    • I wasn’t familiar with The Jam when Champagne Supernova came out – so his guest starring role didn’t mean much to me at the time. Now I see it as a nice bridging of UK musical eras.

      Which I suppose The Jam did as well with the David Watts cover – faithful to the Kinks’ original but with some new energy!

  2. Craig permalink

    For someone as familiar with the London Underground and a fan of the Map, your map here is totally brilliant (as in the Brilliant Kid from Fast Show). I don’t know of the album but the Jam are on my short list. May have to get it now.

    • Thanks Craig! The cover of David Watts is a good one and it’s a good energy overall on the album. ‘Sound Affects’ is also on the 1001 list – I haven’t explored that one yet.

  3. My favourite Jam album and a fine synopsis of their sound through your smart graphics.

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