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Tina Turner – Private Dancer (1984)

May 20, 2012

[Album 52/1001]

When I was younger and I knew everything, much stock was put into artists that wrote their own songs.  Recently, I’ve shifted the emphasis to the performance.

On Private Dancer, Tina did not receive a single songwriting credit.  However, as mentioned previously, what’s songwriting got to do with it?  When you perform as only Tina can, it really doesn’t matter.  Her often-imitated, never truly duplicated, voice & persona carry the songs.  Considering names like John Lennon, Mark Knopfler, and David Bowie are given writing credits, that’s an accomplishment.

Is the album timeless?  Not at all, it’s clearly a 1984 record; synthesizers are inescapable, the backing tracks are delightfully dated.

Though for what it was, it works quite well.  A triumphant professional breakthrough after several difficult personal years.  An artist hitting her stride in her mid-40’s, there’s a lot to like.

That I recently acquired the album on cassette for 25 cents at a garage sale likely enhanced the experience as well.

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  1. Tina’s one of those performers who, when I first start listening to a song, I can’t stand. Her voice feels scratchy and jarring. But then, by the time she really gets going, she’s got me completely hooked and it is a great experience. Clearly she’s something magical as a performer, and it isn’t all visual show either, because the phenomenon exists in audio only situations. (Though, those legs at her age are unbelievable in the visual too).

  2. Yes, don’t forget those legs!

    • There’s an alternate album cover for Private Dancer with even more emphasis on the legs – likely worth a google search!

      • Jenn permalink

        Goodness! That is a legtastic cover!

  3. I remember my mom and dad giving me this tape for Christmas one year. Loved it. What’s Love Got to Do with It, Better Be Good To Me, Let’s Stay Together, and Private Dancer. Some great songs.

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