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Queen – Sheer Heart Attack (1974)

May 15, 2012

[Album 50/1001]

What is your rock supergroup?  From any era, living or deceased, choose:

– One singer
– One guitarist
– One bassist
– One drummer

I revisit my list once a year or so; in most revisions, the singer and guitarist are both members of Queen.

Freddie Mercury on vocals, there’s simply no substitute.  He could do it all: rock, opera, music hall, and he was an absolute performer on stage.  His impressive range is demonstrated nicely on Sheer Heart Attack.

Although he occasionally gets bumped out of my supergroup by Slash, Brian May’s guitar contributions are unique, yet diverse.  Three supporting arguments for May from this release: the incendiary Brighton Rock, the singalong guitarmony on Killer Queen, and the great riff in Now I’m here.

Sometimes, Queen’s songs are so ridiculous, they are amazing, with 1975’s Bohemian Rhapsody being the definitive unconventional song. 

However, at times, the songs are just sort of bizarre (from this record, In The Lap of the Gods); not necessarily bad, just not as awesomely outrageous.

John Deacon (bass) & Roger Taylor (drums) are certainly no slouches, I’m just not sure if Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl will be unseated from my supergroup based on Sheer Heart Attack alone.

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  1. Surely you should have Neil Peart on drums!

    • He’s not a bad choice – I think I went with Grohl so I’d have another vocals + guitar option as well!

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