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K.D. Lang – Ingénue (1992)

May 4, 2012

[Album 46/1001]

Universal advice for running a long distance race: Don’t go out too fast. 

This album is a great one to start the race, with the first upbeat number coming at around the 8-minute mark.  In fact, Ingénue as a whole is not overly upbeat, so it’s a good one to pace yourself with. 

Lang’s voice is a calming presence throughout (pre-race, this clearly would not work as a ‘pump-up’ energizing listen!) and there’s a nice mix of styles among the 10 tracks. 

There’s often a temptation to front-load albums with singles; it was refreshing to see Constant Craving saved until the end.  Love the accordion.

K.D. Lang is one of those artists I often forget about and then pleasantly surprised to rediscover.

From → 1990s

  1. Is “Hymns of the 49th Parallel” in the list? It is my favourite K.D. Lang album. Though not, obviously, her originally written songs, I think she gives definitive performances of some other people’s songs on that album.

  2. She also has ‘Shadowland’ frm 1988 on the list – no hymns alas. I just checked out the tracklist for that album and am currently listening to her version of ‘after the gold rush,’ well covered!

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