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Alice in Chains – Dirt (1992)

April 29, 2012

[Album 44/1001]

Full credit to Alice in Chains for having a distinct ‘sound.’ 

Although Dirt can sometimes resemble early Stone Temple Pilots (Dam That River) or even a blueprint for future Rob Zombie tracks (Sickman), there are definite hallmarks to their songs:
– Nice use of guitar effects, good riffs
– Unique & effective vocal harmonies (Jerry Cantrell)
– Lyrics about addiction

When the songs are good, they’re great, with Them Bones, Would? and Rooster being three of the better selections.

However, the typically bleak lyrical content is also what makes Dirt challenging to enjoy in its entirety.  True, the songs do not intentionally glorify drug use and the band could be praised for including such honest subject matter.  However, knowing that singer Layne Staley’s substance abuse would eventually lead to his death in 2002, the album as a whole is by no means an easy listen.

From → 1990s

  1. Ha ha. I’ve been thinking Damn That River sounds like it could be off of Core too.

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