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Queen Latifah – All Hail The Queen (1989)

March 28, 2012

[Album 32/1001]

With All Hail The Queen

Don’t expect:
– Any trace of modesty.  Song titles include Latifah’s Law and Queen of Royal Badness.  Nor is anyone likely to forget the artists involved in the recording.  She frequently speaks in the 3rd person and A King and Queen Creation is just one of the songs to remind us of who is performing (Latifah) and who is producing (DJ Mark the 45 King).

– Much singing, which is too bad as she later proved in her Oscar-nominated Chicago role, she’s got a terrific voice. 

– A shrinking violet.  She exudes confidence and fortunately, has the rhyming skills to back it up.

– Above average lyrics such as “They weren’t born from the body, they were born from the soul” from Mama Gave Birth to the Soul Children.  She’s at her best when focuses on gender & social issues (Ladies First and Evil That Men Do).

– To enjoy this record if you enjoy old school hip hop.  There’s a lot of sampling & sound effects, some good (saxophone hooks), some obnoxious (chipmunk voices), but overall a good trip back to 1989.

– To hear a female hip hop pioneer in her prime & to hear one of the first steps in Latifah’s impressively multidimensional career.

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